Sunday, October 18, 2009

Disability At Work

You know that disability is an important factor in your work environment when:
  1. The time scheduled for bathroom breaks on tour includes time for chair assembly, transferring, rolling, needing more than 5 seconds to do whatever it is you do, rolling, transferring, and chair disassembly.
  2. You arrive at the airport with your co-workers and everyone rushes to help you.
  3. TSA remembers you.
  4. People understand why having to use the freight elevator in your building is wrong.
  5. When, in addition to the usual computers, printers, phones, etc., the office is littered with wheels, tire pumps, tool kits, pairs of prosthetic legs, and sequinned crutches.
  6. Spasticity is a regular part of daily conversation.
  7. People uninhibitedly talk about rolling, pushing, walking, or whatever.
  8. In an emergency, you can sometimes borrow one of whatever you need from a co-worker.
  9. No one freaks out when you tip your chair over.
  10. A work dinner in a restaurant feels like the gimps have conquered the world.


  1. I loved #5. I wish I worked with more PWDs. My goodness re. the twits in your tweet (people pushing you without your permission is particularly egregious).

  2. Hi,
    Please visit my blog and pick up your award.

  3. I love #10 especially! I threw a particularly memorable fit over someone pushing me recently...
    I hope all else is well.

  4. I'm so printing this to put it on the wall of my cube!

  5. #8 rings my chimes! While it's a good bet one can find someone to lend a tampon or napkin, it's really hard to find someone with a 24fr catheter!

  6. Dear Allison -- thanks for the comment. If you wish to resubmit it without the commercial information, I will be happy to publish. I don't do advertising of any kind.