Wednesday, March 18, 2009

All Things GIMP

GIMP is New York City, March 19-21.

New York City tickets call # 212 -352-3101 or visit:

Preview video, photographs and more information available at @

The Abrons Arts Center Presents
GIMP (New York Premiere)
Choreographed/Directed by HEIDI LATSKY
An ALLIGER ARTS and Heidi Latsky Dance Production
"reVisions everything you NEVER knew about dance and disability"

GIMP: gimp (gimp)
1.a ribbon like, braided fabric
2. fighting spirit; vigor
3. a lame person
4. slang; a halting, lame walk
5. to turn, vacillate, tremble ecstatically

"GIMP beautifully resets preconceptions about bodies and movement." -- THE NEW YORKER

MARCH 19-21 [Thu*-Sat at 8:00PM]
Location: The Abrons Arts Center, 466 Grand Street at Pitt, Manhattan
(F to East Broadway or Delancey; D or B to Grand Street; J or M to Essex Street)
General Admission: $20
($10 for students, seniors and people with disabilities; $15 for groups
Reservations: Call 212-352-3101 or visit

**Wheelchair Accessible -Advance Booking Strongly Recommended**

To see a video preview and for more info on GIMP go to:

During the month of March, a special exhibit in the Gallery at the Abrons Arts Center will feature photos of GIMP by Carlos Arias and the woven artwork WATERFALL by 30 weavers from "Loop of the Loom"- a weaving studio in NYC that promotes free expression and self-development through the SAORI creative weaving program

What Are People Saying About GIMP?

"I'm impressed with the way Latsky makes our eyes work...she makes this potentially unwieldy crew seem like a society of individuals with a zest for organized festivity." Deborah Jowitt, The Village Voice

"Latsky…diminutive vessel of energy, concentration, and passion- personifies that state every dancer aspires to-in which intent and execution are one." Tobi Tobias, The Village Voice

GIMP beautifully resets preconceptions about bodies and movement.” The New Yorker

“Brilliant theater and dance. New, exciting and immensely pleasurable. Latsky is on to something! The work does not ignore or side-step impairment -The audience went wild -they realized that something new was in front of them and they were privileged to witness it." Simi Linton, Disability Culture Watch

"The dancing was formidable, the moments profoundly moving and the end heartbreakingly beautiful." Maura Nguyen Donohue, The Dance Insider

“Something extraordinary happened this weekend at St. Mark's Church. Heidi Latsky, the former Bill T. Jones dancer turned feisty downtown choreographer, premiered a dance so impassioned - and so good - that the packed audience sat spellbound.” Joy Goodwin, The New York Sun

“Latsky, a mover and shaker if there ever was one...her career as part of the socially conscience Bill T. Jones Co. is now the stuff of legend. She has turned her zestful creativity and huge unstoppable energy toward “GIMP”, which highlights uncommon virtuosities and the raw beauty of bodies” Time Out, Chicago

“An austere and immaculate meditation on the conventional and unconventional body, danced to perfection.”

“Daring risk-taking movement, visually exciting and deeply emotional…it is the moves of all kinds of bodies that count” Albuquerque Journal

“One of the truly standouts of the evening was Heidi Latsky’s "Gimp”, a true embodiment of the idea that dance was an art that transcended the physical limitations of disability and age.”

"I highly recommend seeing GIMP ... if you are in the NY City area... it's a beautiful and innovative dance performance." Beth Haller, Media dis&dat


We're all very excited by the positive attention GIMP is receiving and thrilled to be performing on our home turf this weekend! Remember, even if you've seen excerpts or previews before you've not seen the full show which is now over an hour long! This weekend is your chance to experience GIMP as it is meant to be seen -- with aerialists, live musicians and, of course, all our dancers. Author Simi Linton (My Body Politic) will be moderating talkbacks all three nights and Thursday's performance is a benefit for the "Wounded Warrior Project,” a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness and enlisting the public’s aid for the needs of severely injured service men and women. Discount tickets for students, seniors, people with disabilities and groups of ten or more are available, call 212-352-3101 to reserve.
Also, those of you in the Big Apple this weekend be sure to check out Ping Chong's Inside/Out: voices from the disability community on one of the other nights. Details here:


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