Monday, October 2, 2006

And so it was done

  • bought new cellphone... the other will appear now.
  • medications all found. YAY
  • cat seems not to have had major surgery... popped a cyst? I can't tell what the vet's assistant actually meant.

  • Dance class.

Dance class. Came and went. It was like a freak show. The security guard came to watch. The studio/school director came to watch. One of the students in class kicked me. Wheelchair dancers need more space (around 2 and 3/4s standup dancers. I had run out of space at the barre and she wasn't expecting to see me). These things happen, infrequently, with standing dancers, but I always feel that I have to try extra hard on this one. One of those, you have to prove yourself twice to be equal: nonetheless, because people aren't used to the idea, there's bound to be some grousing.

Some people were warm and smiled. Two people ACTUALLY spoke to me. And others gave me a frozen look. The director emailed me personally to ask for a report on my experiences -- bet there were complaints. Grin.

The experience of dancing was low key. The warm up was fine ... a little heavy on the building muscles pilates style, but that is so useful anyway that it was fine. The choreographed phrases were significantly less immediately adaptable to wheelchair dance than many others I have done. But no biggie. Overall, I'd do it again.

Personally, I sucked. I didn't do horrendously. But I didn't do my best, either. Too much negative performance energy. Positive nervousness can really help a performance soar into the spectacular. The feeling of being surveilled was not positive. Oh well. At least I didn't fall.

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